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A 20 billion live cultures supplement, with Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM, most researched acidophilus strain in the world, Bifidobacterium lactis Bl-04 and BI-07.

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  • Absolutely useless. Made no difference whatsoever. Left a score of 1, as couldn't leave zero. Total waste of money

  • I'm male, aged 40, I started taking these around 8 months ago and I felt the difference after the first day or two (I'd tried 2 other brands before then and one did nothing for me and another made me feel slightly worse). My digestion is now completely "regular" and I feel like my old self again, in the days when I didn't have to worry about my digestion all the time. I've recommended them to friends and family and I even take them on holiday with me. They're definitely worth trying, you don't realise how demanding a bad gut can be until there's a massive weight off your mind.

  • I went for a food allergy test after decades of bloated, bad digestion, complete sluggishness.. the lady recommended I go dairy free and start these probiotics... they are incredible, no bloating, so much energy.. this and the dairy free diet has changed my life.. worth every penny

  • These are a GAME-CHANGER. Nothing has worked more effectivley. I can get on with my life.

  • As a health professional, I want to say that there’s nothing more worth spending your money on than your health and OptiBac probiotics are worth their weight in gold! Thank you! Miranda.

    Hutton Rudby
  • I have been using optibac everyday for 3 months now. I have to say I didn't think anything was happening or changing. After 3 months using this product I realise that some issues within the bowel have changed for the better. I know there is no price on improved health but I will have to wait until next pay day before I can re-purchase my optibac again. It's worth every penny and I will budget better in the future in order to not be without them again. Thank you so much for bringing some peace to my body issues with this wonderful product. Dee

  • I have taken my time writing a review as I wanted to be sure that I gave the probiotics enough time to prove themselves. I had read all the reviews on here and thought surely they couldn't act so quickly. I had been researching probiotics but hadn't come across anything that I felt would be really useful, this time I came across Optibac, after reading every review and paper on these probiotics I ordered Everyday Extra Strength for next day delivery. I took them the next morning. (Thank you for the speed of delivery Optibac).
    WELL! I took two with breakfast. Gob smacked! I was supposed to be going on holiday a few days after finishing by anti b's, worried as I felt I may need something else, I had been reading up on all the other probiotics. Fantastic, having both I felt me again, I was still taking the antibiotics at this time. I went on holiday with my probiotics. So I'm back home ready to go back to work but at present I will be staying on both probiotics until I feel I can reduce them, but I think I will be buying them for the unforeseen future. I can't thank them enough.

  • By taking the optibac extra strength I am able to lead a normal life. Thank you

  • After using ‘One Week Flat’ as a kick-starter for my bloating (which worked brilliantly), I now take ‘Everyday Extra Strength’ daily and find that it helps amazingly. My daily bloating has reduced massively, and this is possibly the best part of taking the probiotic. I found it really useful. Highly recommend.

  • I thought I would try probiotics extra strength and it really has helped me. So happy, I feel much better .