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'For every day EXTRA Strength' from OptiBac contains 20 billion live microorganisms per capsule, with 5 strains including the well-researched L. acidophilus NCFM®. This is suitable for vegans.

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  • I suffer from Crohn's disease and by taking the optibac extra strength I am able to lead a normal life again. Thank you

  • Just wanted to share this email from one of my clients with long-term skin problems and hay fever re allergies, including house dust mites. I recently gave him a course of your For Every Day Extra Strength, and here is his reply (shared with his permission!)… "Hi Julia I started on one probiotic last Monday June 4th I felt a difference a couple of hours later ! Slightly less itchy! I increased to 2 on Wednesday and I’m amazed that the probiotics works! My eyes are clearer, even hay fever is lessened and my itch in forearms and wrists and lower legs all are - I would guess - 95% less!!"

  • I can't recommend OptiBac highly enough!!!

    Without going in to too many details(!!!) - They make you regular & solid...
    - Also this may be apocryphal and/or anecdotal but my bald patch seems to be receding (!!!)
    - Yes, really!!!

    BTW - I'm male (obviously), late 50s and Vegan.

    Along with my B12 supplement I would never give up Every Day Extra now!!!

    Thanks OptiBac

    Near Byton Hand
  • I have experimented with a lot of probiotic blends, and this is the only one that doesn't make my symptoms worse (and in fact seems to help).

    Phoenix, AZ
  • For me, Optibac probiotics have been transformative. After being recommended the product by a family member, they have become an essential item!

    After years of suffering from hay fever, I've found that taking Optibac probiotics has almost eliminated my symptoms. I can finally enjoy summer without feeling like I have to sneeze all the time. It's amazing!

    The extra strength capsules have also eased my dairy allergy. They have been vital in helping me to enjoy items that I would've previously avoided, such as cheese. I can't recommend Optibac products enough, they are brilliant.

  • Was recommended this by my osteopath to treat the problems I had been having with severe acid reflux.

    Whatever I ate made me very uncomfortable and I spent most nights propped up in bed to relieve the discomfort

    At first I found my tummy was a bit bloated and for a few evenings I experienced a headache. I received very helpful advice from the company and found by reducing to 1 tablet on alternate days the slight bloating reduced and the headaches went. I now take one a day when I am on holiday and at times when we are eating out a lot but never less than one every other day.

    The result has been amazing. I have not had reflux since I started taking optibac. I have also recommended to two friends who have had the same excellent results.

    I can now eat out and even eat spicy food without any discomfort at all.

    I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering with acid reflux, it's amazing.

  • Absolutely love these! They definitely helped my mum’s autoimmune disorders too.

  • After picking up a nasty parasite in India, I was in constant pain with a very distended stomach. After a dietician recommended these to me the pain disappeared and my stomach has gone back to normal. I couldnt recommend them enough!

  • Can't get the Trust Pilot site on my iPad! Been using the extra strength probiotic, and trying the brand for women every other day, and I'm very pleased with their effect. IBS much improved, bladder better, and coping with antibiotics for cystitis without thrush symptoms. Think these probiotics are the best I've taken, and much more palatable than kefir and sauerkraut! My partner insists I supply her with 1 a day also, only problem is my finances! Keep up the great work, thank you!

    Hutton Rudby North Yorkshire
  • Fantastic! had IBS with very, very painful bloating for ten years -Every day in last year.
    Very restricted diet to try to lessen symptoms to no avail. Discovered Optibac, had Flat Week sachets x7 then started Every Day Probiotics, after a few days my painful symptoms were so much better but lingered occasionally. So I am trying Everyday EXTRA Probiotics and now.... my symptoms have gone. *Seriously, these probiotics have CHANGED MY LIFE. I am now eating lots of different foods I was very poorly with before, I have even tried small amounts of the dreaded ONIONS and so far im okay! Thank you Optibac, and Thank you to my lovely friend who recommended them. (Four friends/family are now trying them too).