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A 20 billion live cultures supplement, with L. acidophilus NCFM®, the most researched strain of acidophilus in the world.

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  • I have been using optibac everyday for 3 months now. I have to say I didn't think anything was happening or changing. After a while I realised that I wasn't having as many symptoms of diverticular disease as before. There was usually pain most days but now there's very little pain. My need for the loo has gone down from 4 times a day to perhaps 1 or 2 times. After 3 months using this product I realise that some issues within the bowel have changed for the better.

    I know there is no price on improved health but I will have to wait until next pay day before I can re-purchase my optibac again. It's worth every penny and I will budget better in the future in order to not be without them again.

    Thank you so much for bringing some peace to my body issues with this wonderful product.


  • I have taken my time writing a review as I wanted to be sure that I gave the probiotics enough time to prove themselves. I had read all the reviews on here and thought surely they couldn't act so quickly.

    After being on antibiotics for a horrendous abscess running along the whole of my right lower jaw, I started with diarrhoea. I expected some so it wasn't too bad to begin with. Within days I was rushing to the loo 16 - 20 times; when I had nothing left in me it was just water being drawn from my body and the lining of my colon. Then came fresh blood. (Sorry if this is too graphic but there will be people out there wondering what is happening to them).

    I called my GP whom asked for a sample and then had to wait four days for results. Thankfully it came back in two. It was C.Diff. Having been stripped of good bacteria from my gut, by antibiotics, I was open to everything. A small percentage of adults carry the C.diff bug without harm but I also work as a Dr's Receptionist having all things thrown at me so I guess I didn't stand a chance.

    I was prescribed Vancomycin for 14 days, thankfully this helped by the 2nd day of taking and I began to improve although I still felt raw inside. At the end of two weeks I went back to work, I just thought I would heal, being careful what I had to eat or drink.

    Within 10 days I was bloating, diarrhoea, I knew exactly what it was but had to do another sample, I didn't want to wait as this time my colon felt that it would rupture. Thank fully the gas did release propelling me towards the bathroom, good job my husband loves me. When I was ill initially I had been researching probiotics but hadn't come across anything that I felt would be really useful, this time I came across Optibac, after reading every review and paper on these probiotics I ordered Everyday Extra Strength for next day delivery. I took them the next morning. (Thank you for the speed of delivery Optibac).

    WELL! I took two with breakfast. Within an hour my bloating went and the inflammation in my colon decreased. Gob smacked! and thank goodness for these as my sample had been lost at the hospital, I had to do another sample which meant I would have probably been hospitalised or dead. Sounds dramatic but true. So I did not start taking my next lot of antibiotic, Vancomycin for a week from becoming really ill.

    I was supposed to be going on holiday a few days after finishing by anti b's, worried as I felt I may need something else, I had been reading up on all the other probiotics. I was told that Saccharomyces boulardii would be needed with my condition.

    Fantastic, having both I felt me again, I was still taking the antibiotics at this time. I went on holiday with my probiotics. By mid-week I felt the all too familiar inflammation building on the left side of my colon and one soft stool with blood. Had I overdone it, a little, but I didn't think to up my Saccharomyces as I was now off the anti b's. I was taking 3 a day of these and two in the morning of Everyday ES. I immediately upped my dose of the Saccharomyces and stayed on this for the rest of the week. I didn't want to be exploding on the plane. Done, inflammation retreated.

    So I'm back home ready to go back to work but at present I will be staying on both probiotics until I feel I can reduce them, but I think I will be buying them for the unforeseen future as I had an unexpected occurrence .

    For 20 years I have had little pustules appear on my hands, not full of anything, they turn brown and my skin peels. (I was told it was pustular Psoriasis by one professional but then told not by another.)It has been on the soles of my feet as well. It definitely happens when I eat something my body dislikes. GONE! I had something to eat or drink on holiday, I felt my palms heat up and thought here we go, not gone. It went to nothing, no peeling, Hooray!

    Sorry this was so long but these probiotics are amazing and I don't think we realise how important our gut is for all ailments and mental health. I can't thank them enough.

  • I suffer from Crohn's disease and by taking the optibac extra strength I am able to lead a normal life again. Thank you

  • After using ‘One Week Flat’ as a kick-starter for my bloating (which worked brilliantly), I now take ‘Everyday Extra Strength’ daily and find that it helps with my symptoms amazingly. I’ve found that I can eat more types of foods that I would not normally be able to eat and not have any unpleasant side effects. My daily bloating has reduced massively, and this is possibly the best part of taking the probiotic. I found it really useful. Highly recommend.

  • For a long time I had reflux problems. Anything I ate was too difficult to digest. As I was reading then I thought I would try probiotics extra strength and it really has helped me. So happy, I feel much better .

  • Just wanted to share this email from one of my clients with long-term skin problems and hay fever re allergies, including house dust mites. I recently gave him a course of your For Every Day Extra Strength, and here is his reply (shared with his permission!)… "Hi Julia I started on one probiotic last Monday June 4th I felt a difference a couple of hours later ! Slightly less itchy! I increased to 2 on Wednesday and I’m amazed that the probiotics works! My eyes are clearer, even hay fever is lessened and my itch in forearms and wrists and lower legs all are - I would guess - 95% less!!"

  • I can't recommend OptiBac highly enough!!!

    Without going in to too many details(!!!) - They make you regular & solid...
    - Also this may be apocryphal and/or anecdotal but my bald patch seems to be receding (!!!)
    - Yes, really!!!

    BTW - I'm male (obviously), late 50s and Vegan.

    Along with my B12 supplement I would never give up Every Day Extra now!!!

    Thanks OptiBac

    Near Byton Hand
  • I have experimented with a lot of probiotic blends, and this is the only one that doesn't make my symptoms worse (and in fact seems to help).

    Phoenix, AZ
  • For me, Optibac probiotics have been transformative. After being recommended the product by a family member, they have become an essential item!

    After years of suffering from hay fever, I've found that taking Optibac probiotics has almost eliminated my symptoms. I can finally enjoy summer without feeling like I have to sneeze all the time. It's amazing!

    The extra strength capsules have also eased my dairy allergy. They have been vital in helping me to enjoy items that I would've previously avoided, such as cheese. I can't recommend Optibac products enough, they are brilliant.

  • Was recommended this by my osteopath to treat the problems I had been having with severe acid reflux.

    Whatever I ate made me very uncomfortable and I spent most nights propped up in bed to relieve the discomfort

    At first I found my tummy was a bit bloated and for a few evenings I experienced a headache. I received very helpful advice from the company and found by reducing to 1 tablet on alternate days the slight bloating reduced and the headaches went. I now take one a day when I am on holiday and at times when we are eating out a lot but never less than one every other day.

    The result has been amazing. I have not had reflux since I started taking optibac. I have also recommended to two friends who have had the same excellent results.

    I can now eat out and even eat spicy food without any discomfort at all.

    I strongly recommend this product to anyone suffering with acid reflux, it's amazing.