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A friendly bacteria supplement especially developed for those who are taking a course of antibiotics.

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  • I took "For those on Antibiotics" during my H pylori treatment with two antibiotics. Although the antibiotics made me very tired and lose my appetite, I experienced no diarrhoea. The Optibac service was very helpful. I would definitely take these again if I am on antibiotics.

  • These probiotics are excellent. I've been on antibiotics for weeks and I'm diabetic. Since I've been taking Optibac, I feel a lot better. I'm very glad my wife bought these.

  • This company has amazing customer service! After sending a quick email to enquire about whether taking these was necessary on top of the extra strength tablets, I received a very detailed and extremely helpful email. What a great company!

  • I can't tell you how excited I am that my package arrived with my goodies for taking with antibiotics and probiotics for after I'm hopefully done with the antibiotics.
    So after 4 weeks in hospital with sepsis and on every antibiotic you can think of and a body that's had every operation I think going and fibromyalgia and an autoimmune condition... I was at my wits end. Kindly my question emails were answered religiously and with such information so I knew that I was doing the right thing. I ordered them yesterday and they were here today. Amazing service. So looking forward to trying to repair or help my insides. Thank you Optibac.

    Muir of Ord
  • Bought probiotics for antibiotics recently. After consultation with Optibac they guided me through how to take them and also gave me advice for probiotics after treatment of Helicobacter. Treatment consisted of 3 antibiotics (very strong stuff). I am very happy to say after taking these every day with my treatment I had no diarrhoea at all and my stomach was comfortable. Can't thank enough. Am now using Saccharomyces boulardii and every day probiotics to increase benefits and protection. Telephone call guided me through.
    Thank you once again

    South Shields
  • I have problems taking antibiotics, I suffer with recurrent urine infections and by the third day they usually have me vomiting, the list of antibiotics I cant take is growing fast. It was my dentist who recommended I try taking these and for the first time I felt fine right to the last antibiotic. These probiotics are amazing and would recommend them to everyone, so glad I have taken them, I already bought another box for next time.

  • Have always had thrush when taking antibiotics in the past... but not this last time when taking Optibac For Those on Antibiotics! Will definitely take this again if i need to take antibiotics in future.

  • I have suffered from stress-induced IBS-D for almost 8 years, coupled with a relatively weak immune system. After suffering from chronic sinusitis for the past 5 months, I was put on clarithromycin 500mg to take 2x a day for 1 week. I always take probiotics when put on antibiotics but they were not helping at all. I was experiencing severe stomach cramping, nausea, bloating and diarrhea within 24 hours of starting the antibiotic. I immediately started researching any sort of remedy possible and came back to probiotics and discovered Optibac's For Those On Antibiotics. Within 4 hours of taking, my stomach cramping virtually disappeared, along with all other antibiotic-induced side effects. I cannot recommend this product enough for those like me who suffer from a very sensitive gut. I look forward to selecting a new Optibac daily probiotic supplement in 2 weeks, as I finally have realized the crucial matter is the strain of bacteria you select and that some strains have a better effect than others depending on your personal situation.

  • I chose the product because I was on antibiotics. (Those gave me bloating even after I finished the two week's course).
    A few times when I was severely bloated, I took OptiBac (For those on antibiotics) and within an hour it stopped the uncomfortable bloated feeling. I carried on taking it until I finished the box. Good product!

  • I'm male and had to take some industrial-strength anti-biotics - These restored me to optimal health and quickly !!! Thoroughly recommended !!!

    United Kingdom