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A high-quality live cultures supplement ideal for travel to hotter climates.

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  • I suffer from reflux - most of the time my stomach is bloated so uncomfortable. Then I tried to find suitable herbals, all of the sudden I went on this website about probiotics. I read all from that time and now I am taking optibac probiotics extra strength everyday in the morning and when I am travelling abroad I always take optibac travelling capsules with me. I had good comfortable journey been to Montreal, India, Australia,and in Europe. I'm so happy never any problems. Thank you for this products .

    Slough, Berkshire
  • I have just completed a 2.5 week trip to Rajasthan, India, taking in Delhi and travelling across to Jaiselmer. The one thing that concerned me was getting 'Delhi belly' - I am 60 and didn't want to have the trip spoilt by an upset tummy, even though I'd been told it was inevitable.
    I bought the OptiBac Traveller probiotics and took them before and during my trip. I didn't have one upset and looking at fellow travellers who didn't take anything, almost without exception, they were ill.
    Would highly recommend and would definitely take this version again if travelling to a similar country.

  • I took Optibac for travelling abroad last year when travelling to Thailand and Japan. I had a lot of street food in Thailand and no complaints. I was very impressed with effectiveness. Comparing to my cousin who didn't take it and came back from Thailand feeling very unwell.

    I am already planning on getting it for my next trip to Nepal.

  • Hi,

    I took my wife and adult son to India for three weeks and I have to be honest I was a bit scared as there was a lot of travelling planned and to have an upset stomach in that circumstance was my idea of hell.

    We took the OptiBac travellers capsules (For travelling abroad) with us and save for one of us having one very short single bout of vomiting (obviously they ate some bacterial poisoned food which the only response was to vomit out but one usually expects this to be followed by diarrhoea but not in this case) we were to my amazement absolutely fine. So I wont be travelling outside Europe without OptiBac.

  • My husband and I took these before, during and after a cycling holiday in Rajasthan, India, which actually included Delhi.
    We following a stringent hygiene routine as well and we were totally trouble free.

  • Tour of Northern India in January and expected Delhi Belly. Took Optibac for 3 days prior to trip, during and 5 days after. No symptoms whatsoever. Would recommend.

  • My 14 year old daughter and I travelled to Ecuador this summer. We started taking the Opti Bac a few days before we left and used it every day for the two weeks we were there. Having travelled a fair bit, we are generally cautious the first few days in a new country to allow our bodies to adjust. However, we both had a sense that we could be a bit more cavalier. We immediately started eating our meals out of the market stalls and drank the fresh juices made at the road side stands. We ate everything and anything we wanted and had absolutely no ill effects. My husband and I are traveling to Nicaragua this winter and we will always travel with Opti Bac now.

    Portland, OR
  • We have used these on two holidays to Egypt and have never had any kind of stomach upset whilst others around us have been suffering. I would recommend them highly.

  • Running an NGO and taking groups of paying volunteers out to remote areas of India and Nepal, I recommend a good Probiotic for before, during and after the trips. Having trialled Optibac recently in the foothills of Nepal, I primarily recommend this product to all my teams .
    Ashley - Adventure Aid UK

  • I've been living in India now for over a month and taking the 'For travelling abroad' product religiously every day. I am very happy to say that so far I've entirely avoided any sort of tummy upset! What's great is that taking OptiBac has helped me not to be unnecessarily cautious about what I'm eating and drinking and miss all the delicious opportunities that are out here. I also feel like the change in diet to a lot of rice and breads would have almost certainly made me feel sluggish and bloated had I not been taking probiotics - which would have been a nightmare in this heat. Highly recommend this product for people on extended travel! Thank you OptiBac!

    United Kingdom