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4.8 / 5

A well-researched friendly bacteria supplement for women, proven to survive to reach the vaginal flora. Contains Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14® and rhamnosus GR-1®

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  • A lot of women on here saying this product has changed their life and I completely agree. I’ve been taking 1-2 a day since January and honestly I am absolutely delighted with it. I tell everyone who will listen about it. So happy these are available. Thank you!!!!!

  • I really recommend this product. Discovered this probiotics and would not be without the capsules now. Expensive but so worth it.

  • Started taking these probiotics and they’ve changed my life! Highly recommend to anybody.

  • I started using this product about 8 months ago. It really worked for me and it was great because it restored my confidence. I’d highly recommend to anyone. At the same time as taking these probiotics, I also cut out dairy and sugar from my diet and I think this helped too because I no longer use the probiotics and I still feel really healthy.

  • This worked.

    So so happy these probiotics exist.

  • Wonderful capsules.

    Have also tried the antibiotic ones during a course of Metronidazol.

    Highly recommend.

  • These are the only probiotics that have ever worked for my system. I'm so grateful to have found them and tried them while in London on vacation. Just waiting for a US distributor!

  • Tried the optibac woman probiotic. It didnt help. The customer support was really disappointing. Totally dissatisfied with the low level of customer service, and care for the customer. Would not recommend at all.

  • A day of desperation had me knee deep into Google where I stumbled upon Optibac for women.

    I was reluctant to splash cash, anticipating nothing good to come of it, but I'm now nearing the bottom of my 30-capsule tub and I've just placed an order for my next.

    I couldn't be more happy!

    Cheers you wonderful, tiny tabs.

  • Been on optibac for women recommended from my health food store. This is a miracle. I also take 2 small scoops of vitamin C powder daily. I can really recommend it