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Developed just for women, these extensively researched strains are proven to survive to reach the intimate area.

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  • This product is by far the best product I've used. After years of doing research, I finally found something that works right away. I received my package this week, and just placed another the same week. I'm definitely a happy customer.

  • I was first diagnosed of UTI and Candidiasis in my teens and I have had to deal with it for 10 years. I have used antibiotics so much that I could prescribe medication for any patient suffering the same ailment. So, I made up my mind up to look for other alternatives. I came across using probiotics online, I went to drug store and the pharmacist prescribed Optibac Intimate Flora. I had to order online because it was out of stock. I must tell you, its one of the best decision I have ever made.

    Its so exciting to be free. Thank you optibac.

    Lagos, Nigeria
  • I cannot recommend this product highly enough. I have suffered from recurrent UTI's for years and years. I was at the stage where I was taking a sample into the surgery every four to six weeks and continually being prescribed antibiotic. Since taking these tablets I have not experienced another infection. They have truly changed my life. If someone has not experienced a UTI then they are unaware of how debilitating and depressing an attack can be. I would do anything to avoid feeling like that. If I feel a slight "twinge" I take an extra tablet. I do also take D-Mannose each day too as a "back up". The service from this company is also highly recommended. Never had a problem with ordering for delivery. I urge anyone with recurring UTIs to give Probiotic For Women a go.

  • I have only been taking these for a week, but amazed in how they have helped me with my cystitis, i am forever getting infections & fed up of going back & fourth to my GP for antibiotics all the time.

    Went to my local chemist to collect my antibiotics 2 weeks ago & the pharmacist recommended I take these tablets since he keeps seeing me getting antibiotics on a regular basis, saw my GP today & got the all clear.

    So relieved to finally hear my cystitis has finally cleared up after months of having this problem, big thank you optibac for making this possible & also to my pharmacist who recommended these to me, will be ordering these from now on.

  • First of all, I'd like to say that the ordering service at this company is excellent!

    I have been using 'For women' for a year or so on a daily basis - I'd previously had a very persistent Candida thrush infection which did not respond to any treatment.
    Taking For women along with some other helpful supplements and medications now manages to keep things healthy for me!

  • I've been having some trouble with mild thrush during pregnancy. OptiBac for women has really helped reduce the symptoms and, um... aroma (*blushes*). There is lots of helpful information on the OptiBac website about taking their products in pregnancy which put my mind at ease, and my midwife was also very happy for me to take it. I would recommend this product!

  • I had been having problems with recurrent cystitis for 25 years. I tried antibiotics and D-mannose to no avail, so tried taking one 'Saccharomyces boulardii' each day along with the 'For women'.

    I noticed a difference straight away. I have been taking the probiotics for ten months now and no symptoms since.

    My elderly mother also takes this combination and it's for cystitis and it's helped her too.

  • This is an excellent product. It has helped a great deal with staying healthy and avoiding thrush in the humidity. I also take 'Saccharomyces Boulardii' and 'For every day' on an ongoing basis. I recommended them to a friend who has had the same great results. I was very impressed with OptiBac's customer service -particularly Kerry, their nutritional therapist, who has been very knowledgeable and patient with my queries. I highly recommend the company and their products.

  • I recently read an article about your OptiBac probiotics in Woman and Home, having purchased a months supply and found it has helped my recurring cystitis, I have ordered a further 3 months supply.

    I have suffered on and off for over 10 years, and taken an antibiotic as a maintenance dose of one per night. Since starting the OptiBac probiotics I have stopped taking the maintenance dose and intend to continue with just OptiBac probiotics in the hope that at long last I have found the answer to this debilitating condition. Also many thanks for your excellent service.

    Newcastle on Tyne
  • I'm perimenopausal; and around 6 months ago started suffering vaginal dryness - so bad that I kept thinking I had UTIs. After a short time using OptiBac 'for women', I experienced a great improvement; and I continue to use it daily. The problem hasn't been completely eradicated (I still suffer occasional dryness, usually whenever I have a period); but most days now I am completely comfortable.