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A well-researched friendly bacteria supplement for women, proven to survive to reach the vaginal flora.

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  • Amazing product! The only thing that worked to get rid of cystitis and candida infections after years of going back and forth to doctors. Tried creams, pessaries, tablets nothing worked. After taking this for only a few days knew it was working. Always keep some in the house now.
    Not cheap but worth every penny!

  • Oh My God, if ever there was a miracle product-THIS IS IT! I have been suffering with recurrent urinary tract infections for a long time and the pain, burning and stinging have left me feeling unable to cope with day to day life. I took two of these little beauties after dinner last night and for the first time in ages I slept peacefully and by about 2:30 when I needed to go to the loo, I discovered that the burning and stinging had completely disappeared! These bad boys work fast and if you suffer from dryness down under, you can wave bye bye to that as well as this subsided gradually. Who needs Cranberry juice and D-Mannose when you’ve got these. Definitely worth investing in-without a shadow of a doubt.

  • The only product that stopped the infection after years of suffering and taking anti bioticts Thank You

    Seaton Devon
  • I'm 87 and was cystitis free for 50 years until two years ago when I started getting it every 6-8 weeks. The antibiotics didn't sort it out permanently and I was advised to go on HRT - no way was I going down that road if I could avoid it. About that time, I saw an article on your product and decided to give it a try. Am I glad I did, absolute magic. I have taken one capsule a day since the beginning of June and I haven't had an attack since then. It's a bit expensive but worth every penny to me. Thanks from a very grateful oldie.

  • I have been diagnosed with painful bladder syndrome. My consultant at the pain clinic advised me to take optibac for women daily. Which I have now been taking for just over 3 months. As the pain can be very severe I am also having a concoction of pain killing medicines. I am feeling better each day that goes by (think that might be due to optibac, medication and a lot of prayer) although I’m not completely pain free as you can see from pain killing medication.

  • I had BV on and off for years! After going back and forth to the doctors this was the only thing that helped me! Amazing product

    Symptoms cleared up from day 2.

  • I have been really suffering with urine infections and at 70 years old still going through the menopause. For the last six months they had been really bad. It was that first wee in the morning then two minutes later the pain would come every time - I would sit there and cry. And again during the day, I wouldn't go out in case the pain comes and I just peed all the time. Six months of antibiotics and nothing worked. I phoned the surgery in despair and the nurse said have you tried probiotics. Well I have found OPTIBAC and I would recommend it to all women going through the menopause and urine infections. It worked for me thank you Optibac thank you thank you.

  • I have suffered with far too frequent thrush and UTI’s which many have travelled up to kidneys.

    I’ve taken 6 courses of antibiotics this year for these infections. I started taking optibac 2 months ago and I have not had a single infection.

    Easy capsule to take for such peace of mind. Strongly recommend for all women, only downside is the price, it’s roughly 20 euro per month in Ireland. On the plus I was spending on average 100 euro per month in the doctor before I found this probiotic.

    Dublin, Ireland
  • I've been suffering with a really nasty bout of BV for the last month and nothing would shift it - even a dose of doctor-prescribed antibiotics. It cleared up within three days of me taking these probiotics! So much so that I've just ordered more as really think taking them every day will keep everything healthy :) I know some of these comments say they didn't work for them but I'd really recommend giving them a go. Miracle-workers!