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Developed just for women, these extensively researched strains are proven to survive to reach the intimate area.

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  • I've been suffering with a really nasty bout of BV for the last month and nothing would shift it - even a dose of doctor-prescribed antibiotics. It cleared up within three days of me taking these probiotics! So much so that I've just ordered more as really think taking them every day will keep everything healthy :) I know some of these comments say they didn't work for them but I'd really recommend giving them a go. Miracle-workers!

  • I have been taking this as a maintenance after my treatment (antifungals and probiotic suppositories) for the candida infection and I swear it has helped me a lot. It helped control the discharges as well and infection never came back. It is worth the money you spend on buying this rather than suffering for your entire life. Don't think twice on buying this.

  • I've been suffering with Thrush on and off since the birth of my son almost two years ago. The GP tried all sorts of things and as a last resort wanted to put me on a 6 month course. Anyway, the medicine works for perhaps a month and then it just returns again. After doing lots of research I thought I would give probiotics a go. I've really noticed a difference and whilst it's not 100% cleared up, it most definitely has gotten better! unfortunately I was recently put on a 10 day course of antibiotics which set me back majorly and I hadn't seen the Optibac probiotic specifically for those on antibiotics, which I will definitely try next time.

    I also wanted to point out that the staff are very helpful. I emailed in looking for some advice on my particularly situation and I have to say I received a very personalised, detailed and helpful response so I would definitely recommend contacting the team.

  • To all the ladies saying it hasn’t helped BV - please also take a course of antibiotics if you are able to! That should kill the infection and then hopefully these would keep it away.
    Here’s a lengthy review to explain how they helped me:

    I began taking these to hopefully stop my reoccuring BV, as I’d had multiple courses of antibiotics and also used gels.

    I first got BV in October 2017, not long after my 23rd birthday, and got prescribed a short course of antibiotics. I was then all clear until December 2017 when it came back after a period. I had another course of antibiotics, which killed the infection, but then my BV came back every month following/during each period and I had to avoid baths and perfumed products after treatment as that also bought it on or made it worse. After a while, the nurse suggested trying things like gels instead of antibiotics due to the fact I’d had quite a few courses already. The gels, of which I tried several brands, made no improvement. However, I was not treated with antibiotics this time so I purely did the 7 day gel treatment (which should treat the problem) and then once a week afterwards. It only kept symptoms at bay for a couple of days so I would become paranoid and take them frequently, meaning the cost of was racking up. Maybe had I also had antibiotics, these would have prevented re-occurrence - but I generally found the gels a bit messy and I didn’t feel comfortable using them when staying at my partner’s house.

    I read a few articles online where people had said probiotics (sometimes in conjunction with other tablets) helped, so I thought I would try probiotics alone to begin with. I opted for Optibac as the price on Amazon (that’s where I purchased them from) seemed reasonable compared to some other brands and it also had some good reviews.

    I purchased the 30 capsule option to begin with because I wanted to give it a good go but didn’t want to fork up the price of 90 capsules if it didn’t help. I began taking one a day, and two weeks after starting them my period began with the usual signs of the infection (tmi - very watery with an unusual smell) so I doubled up on the capsules. On the second day of my period things started to look more regular (thicker). After my time of the month had finished, I asked the nurse for antibiotics to hopefully get rid of the infection in case probiotics wouldn’t accomplish that. I then continued to take two a day until my next period, which appeared normal for the first time in months.

    The infection was normally evident no later than 2 days following my period when it reoccurred. This time around I was still fine. I kept taking two a day for a week following that period, just to be sure, and then cut down to one a day. During my next period I started taking two again until it ended, when I then went back to one and it has still been clear. So far I am 3 months clear of BV and I have doubled up again for my current period. However, if I remain clear this time I may try just taking one pill every day (including on my period) as then that means I won’t go through them as quickly. Now that I know they work for me I have gone for the 90 capsule option as I am happy to do so.

    The only downside now is that I’m worried it will come back if I ever stop taking them! But I think I will at least continue with these for another few months before trying to go without and will possibly still take them during my period as that is what seems to bring it on.

    So overall, this has helped keep the BV away meaning I no longer feel self-conscious when doing things like my martial arts or being intimate with my partner. I can even partake in baths whilst using gifts like bath bombs without any worries. To me that makes it 100% worth the money and even if I no longer need to take them in the future I may look into their other probiotics as I sometimes have other issues such as IBS like symptoms. Thanks Optibac!

  • I suffered with BV for what seemed like a solid year, antibiotics would help for a month and then it would come back. Fortunately I didn’t have all the symptoms just discharge and odour, it was soul destroying. I would cry most days because I just felt dirty, my sex drive went through the floor and I didn’t want to get intimate. I didn’t want to change in the same room as my fiancé because the smell would escape!! Anyway took these beauties as a last resort, accepting this is my life now I’ll just have a very smelly vagina forever. I started taking 2 a day for a week and went down to 1 a day, with breakfast as advised. I did cut down my coffee intake and increased water and it went!! A year later and 10 months I haven’t taken them and I’m cured! I only took them for the first 2 months to make sure it was gone, but the smell and discharge went after 1 month. If it ever returns, which sadly I’m sure it will I’ll be buying this in a heart beat! So so happy! Thank you OptiBac!

  • I started reading more into probiotics after 2 failed treatment for thrush from gp. Third time around, i took 'For women' and 'extra strength' along with the prescribed treatment from gp and it finally worked. With some diet adjustments along with the course of meds, i managed to get rid of it eventually. Very glad to have found OptiBac and would definitely recommend it!

  • Being an 'oldie' I have battled for years with low-grade UTI's and all associated discomforts. Doctor/hospital advice was always antibiotics and steroid creams, both of which I avoided if possible. I have always used probiotics after antibiotics, when travelling, e.t.c., so to find your latest product was exciting - it has changed my life! All symptoms have disappeared and I am now 'spreading the word' .
    A big Thank you!

    Milton Keynes
  • I totally recommend Optibac's 'For Women' for anyone suffering from candida. I have found it really helps me to clear up any symptoms by taking 2 a day, or by just taking 1 a day if I have any early signs of it coming on.
    I believe my own issue with candida was systemic though, as it recurred over time, and I emailed a nutritional advisor for advice. She explained in clear detail how combining 'For Women' with 'S. Boulardii' and 'for every day EXTRA strength' would help to eradicate it from my gut and therefore from my whole system. Thank you so much!

    S. Glos
  • After months of trial and steadily upping the dosage as directed I still have BV symptoms. It has helped to take away the smell but I was still left with a runny discharge. If anything It has just masked the symptoms slightly and caused my BV test to show up as negative, even though the problem is still there. Hasn't worked for me at all. I gave it 2 stars because it kind of helped to manage the odour a little.


    I suffered with BV a few times, took two tablets that night and I was completely fine, back to normal, no discomfort at all!

    I'm genuinely shocked. Been suffering for months and months, I am so happy I invested.