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4.8 / 5

Developed just for women, these extensively researched strains are proven to survive to reach the intimate area.

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  • After months of trial and steadily upping the dosage as directed I still have BV symptoms. It has helped to take away the smell but I was still left with a runny discharge. If anything It has just masked the symptoms slightly and caused my BV test to show up as negative, even though the problem is still there. Hasn't worked for me at all. I gave it 2 stars because it kind of helped to manage the odour a little.


    I suffered with BV a few times, took two tablets that night and I was completely fine, back to normal, no discomfort at all!

    I'm genuinely shocked. Been suffering for months and months, I am so happy I invested.

  • It works!!!

  • I bought these after reading the positive reviews regarding BV. I have taken 2 of the For Women probiotic pills a day, for just about a month and a half. Yesterday was tested and there was still not much of the good lactobacilii bacteria and still have BV. I give this a 2 because it may have helped regulate digestion.

  • These haven’t helped me at all and I’m so disappointed after reading all the 5 star reviews. Although I’ve rated 5 as I see they clearly work for others, I’ve had 60 tablets and noticed no difference in 5 weeks of BV symptoms.

  • Have had chronic/cycling thrush, BV and cystitis for around 8 months now. Taken all the medication prescribed by GP and nothing has worked. Was recommended these (also by the GP) and the great reviews looked promising. The probiotics did nothing and gave me no improvement whatsoever, despite my hope that they would at least relieve some of the embarrassing and painful symptoms. I took two a day for two weeks. If I had more money to spare I might try another two weeks but £20 is a big amount of money for me to spend on something that doesn’t work.

  • I’ve dealt with on and off BV for almost 2 years now.... doctor antibiotics, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water and nothing took away the symptoms like this has! Been taking for over a week now, 2 pills for the first 3 days, now I’m onto one and completely symptom free.

  • I have had thrush and BV on and off for years, thanks probably to abuse as a youngster and lots of exposure to bad situations. With a recent pregnancy I developed sepsis after pneumonia and was given a huge quantity of antibiotics. Having hyperemesis as well has left my intestines sore and I have a lot of what I hope is residual pain from sepsis. I developed thrush and BV again recently and did not want to take more antibiotics because of my sore tummy e.t.c, so I am trying these. [Antifungals] has not changed my thrush symptoms, yet this has helped immensely!!! I feel confident and it really has impacted my intimate health and I am able to cope with daily living and sex etc. I highly recommend these for women out there really struggling with life/sex. As supported on the website, reducing sugar definitely has helped too. Thank you optibac for recognising these issues and supporting women!!!

  • Very good

  • I went to see my local pharmacy as I had cystitis for the second time in as many months. I really did not want antibiotics again, as the symptoms simply recur. He then said I should try the new Optibacs probiotics for women, (and as I had had a course of the antibiotic probiotics when I had been prescribed antibiotics), so I bought some with the flora they call the intimate flora.

    I have been taking them daily for four weeks now and having got rid of the cystitis quickly, I am pleased to say it has not returned, and neither have I had a cough or cold this winter. Sore throats are a norm for me, but as yet, I have not had one, so will continue with a daily probiotic. Thank you!