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Developed just for women, these extensively researched strains are proven to survive to reach the intimate area.

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  • I went to see my local pharmacy as I had cystitis for the second time in as many months. I really did not want antibiotics again, as the symptoms simply recur. He then said I should try the new Optibacs probiotics for women, (and as I had had a course of the antibiotic probiotics when I had been prescribed antibiotics), so I bought some with the flora they call the intimate flora.

    I have been taking them daily for four weeks now and having got rid of the cystitis quickly, I am pleased to say it has not returned, and neither have I had a cough or cold this winter. Sore throats are a norm for me, but as yet, I have not had one, so will continue with a daily probiotic. Thank you!

  • I have been taking these probiotics for approx. 9 months now after suffering constant UTI's with much pain & soreness for 4½ years after breast cancer treatment. I had all sorts of investigations under consultants & tried all the different vaginal gels & creams for VA. I even used a [vaginal insert] for a while which helped a little but not safe as it contains oestrogen & I have had oestrogen receptive breast cancer twice. A friend recommended these probiotics for women to me & ever since taking them I have never had another infection. Why GP's do not recommend I do not understand. I take two every morning.

  • I've suffered with the effects of PCOS for many years, and for the first time in ages I feel great again. My bloating has gone, my skin has cleared and I generally just feel happier. I'd also like to praise what great service I've received, the tablets came over the Christmas period and even came with a small gift inside! I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking to feel a little healthier.

  • I had suffered with thrush like symptoms and dry irritated skin for a long time and tried many remedies to fix this before finding Optibac. So far, I have only been taking the probiotics for just under a month and I can say they have changed my life. I started by taking two tablets a day for two weeks and have since dropped it down to one tablet a day which I try to take preferably with breakfast and a cold drink as instructed. After a week I could notice my symptoms going away, after two weeks they had almost completely cleared up and by three weeks I finally feel completely back to my normal self which is SUCH a relief. I am really hoping this will continue. I have just ordered 90 tablets and will continue to take one a day. I can’t thank Optibac enough and highly highly recommend these probiotics for women if you are looking for an answer to any thrush like symptoms or similar problems down below. THANK YOU OPTIBAC!

  • I’m 14 weeks pregnant and I take this product daily. It is perfect for me and keeps thrush away which is common in pregnancy. I will take the product as well after giving birth. I also have strep B and this product will help prevent me passing this on to my child at delivery. I also recommend the extra strength product which helps my acid reflux. Love love love

  • I’m on my 2nd lot of 90 tablets. Taking 1 tablet every morning. I have suffered with urine infections and irritated ureatha for some time. Since taking the OptiBac probiotics I have had no urine infections and the irritated ureatha has now stopped. I will continue to take 1 per day and hopefully I stay infection free.

  • I absolutely love this product and can't imagine my life without it anymore. I suffered from recurring thrush and similar problems over and over again for years and nothing helped. When I started to take Optibac, within 2 weeks all problems disappeared. After 3 weeks I felt I never had any problems before. I was taking it for some time but as I was ok I became lazy and after few weeks I stopped taking it, thinking I am alright now.... For some time I was, but slowly, symptoms started to come back to me and from last week I don't feel myself anymore so I just quickly ordered Optibac again and this time I won't stop taking it....This investment is really worth it.

  • This product is a miracle! I suffered with kidney infection and uti’s monthly for two years before I found this product! I was prescribed antibiotics every time, but each time, the side effects were getting worse and worse. I’d had enough. I went to my local health shop and the lady recommended these. I haven’t had a single cystitis or kidney infection in nearly two years! To begin with, I took 2 tablets before bed, after the 7 day course, I dropped it down to 1 tablet before bed, then one every other night and now I only take one once a week! I will always have some in the cupboard just in case!

  • I can't recommend For women probiotic enough. For me it was a little miracle worker as I suffered with bacterial vaginosis (BV). Many years back i discovered a probiotic in America which I had my friend send me, it was amazing and worked at clearing the recurring Bacterial Vaginosis which I was suffering with. Through further research I discovered that Optibac for women had the same strains as the probiotic I had purchased from America. I couldn't believe my luck and was even happier when I also found out it did not need refrigeration. The previous one I used needed refrigeration which was quite awkward for me because of the distance.
    I always have some Optibac for women in my cupboard for just in case & for me now, it might only take one or two days to feel better. I sound like a sales person for Optibac for women ☺ but I hope it works as well for you as it has for me & family members. My daughter had me bring some with me on my last trip to visit her in Spain.

  • I suffer from thrush sometimes. I got a recent bout of thrush and had taken an [antifungal brand] . I then found out I was pregnant but got thrush a week later after taking the [antifungal brand]. I didn't want to take the [antifungal brand] again and wanted to try something natural but the natural yogurt wasn't working. This stuff is AMAZING! Thrush gone within 4 days! No chemicals and safe in pregnancy. Thank you so much.