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A 1.2 billion live cultures supplement with ALA, to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Contains Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7527, CECT 7528 and CECT 7529.

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  • Dear Optibac,

    I was so disappointed to find that the flax capsules with probiotics for cholesterol are not suitable for vegetarians and vegans. My favourite products are the Everyday but the old formula seemed to be more effective for me. I'm glad that you've removed the Titanium.

    It would be great to see your products in amber glass now in order to reduce plastic.

    Kind regards,

  • I have a complicated health history of high cholesterol. Please remember a few months with an unhealthy diet will not enable you. This product worked because I took it as I should take it, a healthy diet and the right kind of exercise (very gentle) and over time it worked. I worked hard and stuck with it - first noticing regular bowl movements, which is why I started taking them. Thank you OptiBac,

  • I had my cholesterol measured in October 2015. In March, my cholesterol readings had dropped. Whilst levels are still very high, my doctor was pleased that the level has come down and is happy for me to continue with the probiotics and lifestyle changes to see if it reduces further.

  • I take the OptiBac cholesterol religiously and wouldn't be without them!

  • OptiBac was recommended and I have had no problems since.


  • No negative effects experienced!

  • Pleased!

  • Took this product for 3 months

  • I have been taking “For Your Cholestrol” for 4 months. I had my cholesterol checked just before I started taking this product. I had it checked again recently and I was pleased to see my digestion also got better. I will carry on taking “For Your Cholesterol”.

  • I decided to take For your Cholesterol and to make some dietary changes. My blood test has just come back, and I have now placed a repeat order. I am delighted!