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4.3 / 5

This is a high quality, short term course of live cultures. 'One week flat' from OptiBac is gluten free and therefore may be especially suitable for those with bloating.

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  • I've given an average rating as I've not yet had any improvement with bloating and passage of stools. I was hoping to feel and look less than 8 months pregnant but have had no significant changes. I have had a small amount of cramping which is significantly less severe than the pains I get from the possible food intolerance I may or may not have. I've also had a slight increase in...well, the farts, which have been more ripe than usual. So the rating is not to say they're not doing something good on the inside, perhaps I'm particularly 'backed up', so to speak. I am going to order a daily probiotic and see if things improve. Good luck peeps.
    Oh, and try not to be creeped out by the thought of ingesting the millions of bacteria...just throw your head back and swallow.

  • Did nothing except give me terrible cramps. Stopped after day 4 because the cramps were too much.

  • I took this and saw increase in my weight next day, thought it was co-incidence. Took it for 3 days and gained 1.5Kg weight. This was not co-incidence as I was walking and eating regular food. I stopped at 3rd day, had relief in bloating a bit but seeing the weighing machine, had all other anxieties. Not sure if it reacted to me only like this.

  • I have just tried the One week flat and it was great for me. I have IBS-C and have been advised to take probiotics. I've tried other but none of them were as great as this one.
    I am also trying a different OptiBac product and I have high hopes.
    Massive thank you to Kerry for her assistance and time responding to my enquiry.

  • After taking a long course of strong anti-inflammatory medication for a back problem and eating too many rich foods over Christmas, my tummy was so bloated and painful, especially at night.
    These sachets have made a huge difference to me, my tummy feels back to normal now. They really helped.

  • The first sachet I took I didn't feel a lot of difference. My stomach always looked huge. I suffered with IBS and bloating. Stopped taking it.
    Then I found I felt worse.
    I then ordered 4packs. This then worked. Bloating has gone. Stomach a lot smaller. I stopped looking like a pregant woman at 72.
    Now having once a month.

  • I bought this to try & get rid of my bloating around the time of the month. It was ok and did work quite well. The main difference I noticed was how my constant indigestion caused by a gall stone has eased off. I've bought another pack to see if gets even better.

  • First of all I am sorry because English is my second language.
    I have tried all types of probiotics here in California, but none of them do me any good. But a problem with bloating, constipation. I keep searching for more brands, finally I have found Optibac One week flat that solved all the problem from all brands I have been taking.

    Milpitas, California
  • I bought this product because I was suffering from severe bloating after taking another probiotic product. I do suffer from IBS but never was bloated. My IBS is mostly cramping with diarrhea. After taking the other product I was severely bloated and now was constipated. And the problem was not temporary, and has been ongoing since December 2015. After seven days on this product my bloating was a lot less and I went back to IBS-D with minor bloating. So I would recommend this product and I have ordered a second box. I also going to try the daily probiotic. Sometimes your digestion system may take some time to fix. As in my case.

    Hixson, TN USA
  • Saw plenty of positive reviews on this products and decided to give it a shot as I have been suffering from bulimia bloating. However I was greatly disappointed as it has done practically nothing for me, I feel and look the same. I would not purchase this ever again.