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4.3 / 5

An easy to take short-term course of good bacteria sachets. Gluten-free and suitable for those with bloating. 5 billion live cultures and 0.3g FOS fibres per sachet.

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  • I suffer with bloating when it's my time of the month, i've noticed a difference within 3 days whilst continuing a healthy diet and regular exercise

  • This is such a fantastic product to have in the cupboard for that time of the month bloating! I've suffered from bloating and flatulence in the week leading up to my period since I was in my teens. A friend of mine recently recommended 'One week flat', and it's really helped do just that. What a relief... thank you OptiBac Probiotics!

    Molesey, Surrey
  • Super simple to take & very effective. Use slightly tepid water to dissolve ;)

  • I tried these for the past week to kick start it, maybe that’s why I didn’t see any different but I don’t think my stomach is any different. I’m going to buy one more box and try it as my body is quite arrogant and maybe one week just isn’t enough, I’ve tried everything I really thought these would work and was really hoping they would.

  • After some scepticism, I took some advice from a friend and I bought a week supply of ‘One Week Flat’. I really wanted to try to get my bloating under control, and this really actually worked. I was still hesitant for about 3 days, but by day 6/7 I could see and feel a different. I used this as a kick-starter and now take ‘Everyday Extra Strength’ daily. Thanks Optibac!

  • They didn't help me with gas/indigestion issues. I didn't experience any adverse effects either. My symptoms have been linked to SIBO which I was tested for recently. I am currently on a course of antibiotics after which I will try another OptiBac formula.

  • I wasn't overly impressed with this. Didn't help with bloating and made me constipated.

  • This was my first try at probiotics and very happy with the results. I feel more comfortable and it compliments my other improvements to my diet. It's great that it dissolves in water and doesn't taste of anything unlike other solubles I have tried. I have now moved on to the everyday one but will do occasional courses of flat stomach. Delivery was quick and easy to reorder directly.

  • I've taken One week Flat for 28 consecutive days and noticed absolutely no difference with bloating and passages of air (flatulence) and stools. I read many positive reviews about this product but in my case it didn't make any difference so I won't buy it again.

  • Love this product! I have been taking One Week Flat for a while now and have found it very comfortable. It is not too strong for my sensitive digestive system. I take half a sachet in the morning and the other half in the afternoon to break up the recommended dosage in two takings. It is very important to test what works best for you. One Week Flat is great to try if this is your first go at Probiotics. Also great customer service!! ;-)