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4.6 / 5

5 billion live cultures of Saccharomyces boulardii. Extensively researched, unique friendly yeast proven to reach the gut alive.

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  • Saccharomyces boulardii is a constant in my cupboard. There were no after-effects.

    thanks again to optibac for their thorough research of their products. I actually rang the company and they were great.

    thanks again
    dee x

  • This product has been a life changer! I’d read reviews and thought what do i have to lose.
    I still have the odd bad day but stick with them.

  • I took 1/4 capsule for a nausea/diarrhoea bug. I was feeling much better today (day 3 of the bug) and took this around midday. Well approx 10 hours later I'm feeling worse that day one, sat by the loo expecting the worst. Certainly not for everyone.

  • This product has helped in the gut. Initially I took 1 daily then increase 2 for a sustained amount of time. I would recommend this product to anyone. A wonderful probiotic!

  • Please change the name to magic pill or include the name as magic pill. It makes wonder. Love the product. I feel great now just 3 day over.

  • This probiotic really helped us a lot! A family member recommended these probiotics and within 24 hours our son’s tummy returned to normal. Brilliant stuff, so happy we tried it!

  • Was recommended these probiotics. I will be taking these for my well being too

  • Nothing worked. I then heard of this probiotic. It was a miracle for me. Started improving nearly straight away. I just take one a day now. I wouldn’t be without them.

  • I took optibacs Saccharomyces boulardii last night before bed, I've been up vomiting all morning...🤢🤢sooooo not good, Definitely not the product for me😭😭

  • Bristol