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Saccharomyces boulardii is a unique yeast and microorganism. This strain from OptiBac is scientifically proven to reach the gut alive.

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  • I started taking this for long term morning diarrhoea (no other symptoms) just after my GP had requested an urgent referral for an endoscopy. I saw the consultant today, 9 days after taking it and he was amazed when I told him that literally overnight my symptoms had virtually disappeared and they had improved my quality of life and confidence. He didn't seem to know about the benefits of this particular probiotic even though there are so many good reviews and reports online. More research persuaded me to take zinc picolinate too which apparently has been given to children in Africa for years for similar symptoms. I think we have a lot to learn about digestive problems. My consultant still wants me to have a colonoscopy but that's mainly because I'm in my sixties which increases my risk of bowel cancer and being realistic, neither of us can be sure about the source of the problem and whether the initial improvement will continue. I would recommend anyone suffering from IBS-D to try this product - I've not had to take a single dose of loperamide since using it.

  • I was recommended S. Boulardii to take to help eradicate my systemic candida problem. I had previously taken Optibac's 'For Women' for candida/thrush, which really helped clear it up in the short term, but as my symptoms still flared up over time I was told that I probably needed to clear it from the gut to stop it recurring - S.Boulardii sticks to and removes the candida yeast from the gut.

    I was also recommended 'For every day EXTRA strength' at the same time, to repopulate and re-balance the gut with friendly bacteria. Although this initially seemed to me a lot to take on, I was really pleased to find my symptoms FINALLY stop! I had been suffering on and off from candida for a year and a half, until this treatment recommended by Optibac - it has been a real breakthrough. Thank you so much Optibac!

    S. Glos
  • I wanted to thank you for your help. My grandmothers upset stomach issues have resolved immediately after taking your probiotics. I can't stress how much this helps her quality of life at 92.
    She will be taking OptiBac on a permanent basis.

  • Saccharomyces boulardii has made a huge difference to me. Following a hospital stay for diverticulitis and many courses of antibiotics, I was still having a lot of stomach pain and having several bowel movements during each morning. I took SB (five a day) for the first pot of 80. By the end of this pot, my bowel movements were normal and stomach pain almost gone.

    I now take 2 a day and rarely have any symptoms.


  • This product has made such a difference to my IBS symptoms. I ran out recently and was unable to get more for a whole week. All the old symptoms came back. All the proof I needed that they were an essential part of my daily diet.

  • I tried these to help with my IBS and was amazed with the results - I have happily recommended them to friends - simply amazing results

  • Best thing I’ve bought for my ibs. Not a cure but has made such a difference and recommended them to a lot of my friends

  • This is a really great product, which I call the magic pill when my gut flora is upset. I had a course of strong antibiotics recently and the day after I finished I felt so very nauseous. One hour after taking this product, the sickness had abated. MY BIG MOAN is- I can no longer buy this product in blister packs. How can I take some out in my handbag? I used to give these out to my friends who felt unwell and now I can't. A bit short sighted!

  • If you are suffering from I.B.S (diarrhoea) like loose stool or watery stool then use Saccharomyces boulardii capsule with [antibiotics].. and avoid dairy products, oily and spicy food... You will see amazing results..thank you..

  • I began taking saccharomyces boulardii for candida. I suffer from autoimmune thyroiditis. This probiotic helped the symptoms of this disease enormously. It improved my digestion, my itchy skin and my energy levels.

    Following a 30 day use of this probiotic, I wrote to Optibac to ask what I should take going forward. I explained my disease but did not expect them to know anything about it. However, I received an exceptionally knowledgeable email from Naomi Osun, a customer care and nutritional advisor at Optibac, answering all my questions. I wholeheartedly recommend these products and thank their helpful staff.