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'For every day EXTRA Strength' from OptiBac contains 20 billion live microorganisms per capsule, with 5 strains including the well-researched L. acidophilus NCFM®. This is suitable for vegans.

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  • I had severe IBS and symptoms of bloating for the past two years. I've tried many probiotics, but they did not make any difference. I was advised, by a pharmacist at John Bell & Croyden, to try "For every day EXTRA Strength". She was absolutely confident that there was a high likelihood that I would feel better a couple of weeks after I start the treatment. As a matter of fact 5 weeks later I became flat, my symptoms of bloating had completely disappeared. Thank you so much OptiBac.

  • I started Everyday Extra Strength as I was prescribed a 4 month course of antibiotics for rosacea (which was badly affecting my eyelids/eyes) and I was worried about the effects of the antibiotics on my digestion (I suffer from IBS). I didn't take the antibiotics straight away as we were due to go on a big holiday and I did't want to be taking antibiotics while away, but I did start the probiotics. I was amazed to find that within a week I no longer needed my eye drops/eyelid wipes (after a year of having to use them religiously). The most amazing thing was that my eyes were no longer sore. Up until then I had been in a great deal of discomfort every day with very sore, irritated eyes. I love this product!!! My digestion is better, my skin is improved and my eyes are significantly improved.

  • I had been using the normal OptiBac probiotic supplement on and off for ages.

    One day my pharmacy had only the Extra Strength available and because of the higher cost I dithered, but am now so glad I tried them.

    I cannot ingest gluten, struggle with some dairy and soya and had resigned myself to getting upset stomachs with agonising cramps.

    This has made an enormous difference and I would suggest it's worth trying. My symptoms are much less and I recover faster too.

    Newton Abbot
  • I've had wind, bloating and generally poor digestion for 20+ years. Cut out gluten and started using 'For every day' in conjunction with 'One week flat' every 4th week and experienced noticeable benefits. Swapped to 'Extra Strength' and the wind, bloating etc. is now a rare event. Very pleased. Thankyou

  • I take these Extra Strength Probiotics every day and the first thing I noticed is that they sorted out my ulcerative colitis. Then summer arrived and my usual hay-fever was all but gone! I normally sneeze and suffer badly with allergic rhinitis but this year has been amazing. I really recommend trying them if you suffer from hay-fever - they really work! They work so well that I'm scared to stop taking them!!

  • I was very worried about my almost 92 year old mum, who has Alzhiemer's and has since developed auto immune disease, she has been gluten intolerant for a long time and I have a suspicion that it is all linked. She was feeling terribly ill recently, and this was due to steroids prescribed for the auto immune disease, a really nasty affair where she is itching like crazy and then get really large blisters. The steroids got rid of that, but of course, like most prescription medicine, only tackles the symtoms not the cause. After some research online I came across Optibac and wrote and asked about its suitablity for an old lady on steroids. I had some very good detailed advice, also saying to ask the Doctor who agreed the probiotics were likely to help. Well, she is taking the extra strong ones and half the dose of steroids (I am hoping to cut the steroids down even further). She is so much better and it does seem to be the Optibac as well as the cut down steroid dose. I was surprised at how quickly she started to feel better and has stayed that way for about a month now!

  • I sampled every day extra strength. I was amazed after trying it. I suffer from IBS and thanks to Optibac Probiotics I got rid of bloating. I wish I got it ages ago.I totally recommend Optibac for those who want to be able to trust their gut.

  • I normally take For Every Day but with the start of the nice weather I really wanted to feel on top form for wedding season and Summer fun ahead! I really think Extra Strength helps me reduce bloating and I just feel healthier and happier. I don't suffer from IBS or anything, I just like to take probiotics to feel nice and balanced. Really happy with the product!

  • Any one suffering with gastrointestinal problems please give these a try....
    I have been under the hospital for around 3 years now with constant really bad burning and cramp type pain in stomach morning day and night, to the point if I awoke in the night to feed little one within seconds it would start and I'd be unable to get back to sleep. I have had endoscopies done, biopsies taken, colonoscopies done and again biopsies taken and numerous medications. I have been told I have H-pylori which is what causes this gut problem, but despite numerous concoctions if different antibiotics taken simultaneously to get rid it still they're wreaking havoc. A year ago, hospital told me I was on the latest medication, maximum strength, and unfortunately, if this didnt help, there was nothing else she could give me, so stuck in pain until a new drug becomes available. None of these worked and seemed pointless taking them. Gaviscon took it off for literally seconds then back to constant pain in my gut 24/7. I read a book that discussed benefits of good gut bacteria and how everytime you have course of antibiotics it kills the good bacteria off, leaving you with more bad than good in your gut causing numerous issues. It mentioned to have above 10 billion a day so figured 20 billion should do the job nicely of storing my good bacteria stores back up. Within about 5-7 days my pain for the first time in over 2 years was lessening - only had pain around 4 or 5 times a day which compared to 24/7 this was a god-send. However, after 2 full weeks of taking them my pain was completely gone....literally. .... I couldn't believe the results! That was about 8 months ago and it's as come back on the odd occasions, but only if I've forgot to take it and missed for few days, or when I dropped to the everyday 5 billion which I thought I'd give a go as it's nearly half the price. After about a month or so on the lower dose the pain was back frequently. So I doubled these up on dosage up to 10 billion and after few days of doing this the pain was completely gone again. I also give to my 2 year old after spending 8 days in hospital end of last year with stomach bleed, amongst other things too, and she also suffers with gastric reflux disease. She had an endoscopy done. Constantly ill non- stop especially from September till end March when bugs are at their worst. Not one well day at all usually, until... last November when she was discharged I gave her the Extra strength for few weeks to build up her good bacteria, as she had an acute bacterial infection when in hospital as well. I then moved her onto optibac children's one and, touch wood, since end of November to date, she's only had couple of infections - nothing at all compared to how she usually is, and nothing too bad.
    I have told everyone about these who suffer with gut or immunity problems, although I have read the two are related - look after one and it will look after the other as well. I thank you optibac - you not only gave me my life back but my 2 year old's as well.
    Thank you.

  • Been using the Every Day Extra Strength for a week now and I'm shocked to be honest. I did go into this with an open mind wishing and praying it will work and I can say with 100% honesty is has worked ( so far ). Suffered from IBS symptoms for the last 18 month or so. Was getting terrible stomach cramps which meant I needed the loo straight away. Would last a good 2-3 hours with numerous trips to the loo. I lost a good 3 stone over the 18 month period. After doctors visits I was given a few tables like colpermin, colofac & another which I can't remember right now. None of them helped at all, and I was getting extremely down with the situation ( which made it worse ). After being signed off due to the situation and myself getting very low I searched Google and stumbled across Optibac & the reviews sounded amazing so I had to give it a go. After ordering the everyday extra strength ( recommended for IBS sufferers ) I was amazed. So far not 1 bout of stomach cramps. Yes it's early stages but I am slowly getting my confidence back & I feel this product is worth its weight in gold. All I will say is give it a go & you will be surprised. Thanks Optibac.

    Barnstaple, North Devon