Company description

Wren Laboratories is a family-run business based near Andover, Hampshire. It produces a range of health supplements called ‘OptiBac Probiotics’, which are sold to health food stores and pharmacies across the UK, Ireland & further afield. The company is committed to producing quality products and providing excellent customer service through a team of highly knowledgeable trade & consumer-focussed reps. A key aspect to the growth and development of the company is the continuous knowledge of new research into probiotics and prebiotics, and acquiring novel probiotic products into our range.

Job purpose

This job vacancy will increase the Technical Team from two members to three. The Technical Team supports the Marketing, Customer Services and Sales departments in making sure as a company we provide accurate and up to date scientific information on our products and probiotics in general. The team is very instrumental in the launch of new products, keeping up with regulatory demands and liaising with current and potential new suppliers.

Key responsibilities

  • Keep up to date with developments in research on our probiotic strains

  • Assess the quality of clinical trials in the consideration of potential new products

  • Answer particularly technical or scientific questions posed by consumers or retailers in a timely manner

  • Break down scientific information into plain English for other members of the company

  • Support the Marketing team - perform background research and write copy for marketing materials

  • Liaise with suppliers to meet the regulatory demands of the Export department

  • Provide technical support for the sales team during training days (about once a quarter)


  • BSc in Microbiology, Biology, Physiology, Natural Sciences or similar


  • Diploma, Advanced Diploma or relevant Degree in complementary therapies such as Nutrition, Naturopathy etc


  • 2 years minimum relevant experience in the work place

  • Experience working in natural products, consumer healthcare, OTC or pharmaceutical industries is advantageous


  • A keen interest in the value of research to further our understanding of the gut microbiome and in the development of novel probiotic products,

  • Excellent organisational skills, logical thinking and ability to prioritise

  • Ability to understand the bigger picture and broad aims, as well as in-depth analysis and attention to detail

  • Good team work as well as motivation and drive to work alone where needed.

  • Comfortable with mainly computer-based work

  • Good communication and professional attitude over email, telephone and face-to-face in meetings with external contacts, whose first language is often not English

  • Good communication at various levels of detail, and in different contexts e.g. broad brush, scientific/ theoretical, consumer-oriented, commercial

  • Presentation skills

  • Ability to keep track of a number of different projects at once, and to have persistence when communicating with suppliers to ensure we receive the information required

  • Ability to cope well with periods of quick developments and exciting new product developments, and at other times in the year periods of slower-paced technical ground work

  • Ability to work well with a remote team, maintaining regular contact with colleagues based elsewhere

  • Appreciation for the value of joining a small company

Hours, Location & Salary

There is some flexibility to the hours depending on the requirements of the right candidate:

  • 4 days a week or full time, permanent position

  • Based in the Hampshire Head Office

  • Competitive salary based on experience and qualifications

To apply

  • Please send a CV and covering letter to Farah Janmohamed at [email protected] Any applications without a cover letter will not be considered. The successful candidate will carefully read the job description and detail in their letter, the skills and experience that make them suitable for all aspects of the role.

  • Deadline for applications is 30th September 2017. Applications sent after this date may not be reviewed. We cannot guarantee a response to all candidates. We may start interviewing as soon as we received applications so please apply as early as possible