Continuing our hot streak with press mentions, our 'Bifidobacteria & fibre' gets a big thumbs up from Woman & Home magazine. We're featured in June's issue, in an article discussing how natural remedies may help alleviate digestive discomfort such as bloating. The article looks at "5 gut feelings you can't ignore" and discusses several different natural remedies and supplements that could help for each 'feeling'.

Our 'Bifidobacteria & fibre' is featured in the 'Heavy and constipated' section where Woman & Home says:

"That blocked up feeling can truly bring you down
The cause? So many possibles. Lack of fibre, hydration, exercise and hormones slowing things down.
Aim to: get things moving but gently, as the gut can get lazy and rely on laxatives. Fibre, probiotics and old-fashioned remedies can work well. Try OptiBac Probiotics Bifidobacteria & fibre"

We really couldn't have put it better ourselves.

The article also touches on the importance of taking probiotics whilst on antibiotics, due to the antibiotics' indiscriminate nature depleting the good bacteria, as well as the bad.

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