It always feels good to be in Vogue!

'For every day EXTRA strength' is featured as part of a fascinating piece written by Kelly Gilbert, who has been thinking about age and its impact on metabolism. The article explores the interplay between metabolism, hormonal fluctuations, thyroid function and, importantly, gut health.

April's Vogue cover
Our 'For every day EXTRA strength' is featured in Vogue's April issue

Kelly was feeling lethargic and had gained a few pounds, despite no real change to her lifestyle. She began to fear the onset of 'middle-age spread' and decided to take some advice. Dr Sohere from the Omniya clinic in London explained to her that digestion is crucial:

'I believe improving gut health...and eating a healthy diet is key to getting our metabolic processes firing on all cylinders'
The article also has some great suggestions for tackling the problem preemptively. 'For every day EXTRA Strength' is recommended to 'help your body burn energy efficiently.' And our very own Nutritional Therapist, Kerry Beeson, is also quoted:

'Healthy gut flora have been proven to support metabolic processes from insulin sensitivity to the liver's ability to metabolise fat.'
Well said Kerry! Of the other suggestions, we can definitely get on board with drinking more green tea, but we might need more convincing before locking ourselves in a in a cryo chamber at -90C! The article's author said she left 'bouncing around like a teenager!' Whatever works!

If you're interested, this super blog by Jacob explores the gut and its relation to metabolic health in more depth.
And if you're interested in finding out more about the science behind the strains contained in 'For every day EXTRA Strength', take a look here.

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