Following last week's controversial news (reported in the Daily Mail, ABC News and ) that probiotics were found in a small study to make mice 'sexier', I thought I'd take a quick afternoon survey of some of the team at OptiBac Probiotics, and see what they thought.

*Please note that the following blogpost is backed up with absolutely no scientific research whatsoever.*

So! Here's what some of the team said when I asked; 'Do you think you're sexier since you started taking probiotics?'

Cristina, London sales rep:

What?!! [I repeat the question and refer to last week's news about sexy mice. Note: I had to repeat the question for most people at least once.]

OH yeh. HECK yeh! They're great for my skin. And my skin brings all the boys to the yard, if you know what I'm saying.

[I don't know what she's saying. Cristina is a gorgeous Italian woman with a strong opinion on most things and a healthy obsession with all things natural & nutrition. Sometimes it is simplest to smile and nod. For the record though, she does have nice skin.]

Cristina is huge on nutrition and takes at least 10 supplements every day.

Farah, London Sales Manager:

I feel really good when I take my probiotics [she speaks in silky, sexy voice - enough to make Steve go googley-eyed. I think this says it all.]

Farah is sometimes confused with a Bollywood actress called Katrina Kaif. Seriously.

Julie, Sales & Warehouse:

What? Um, no? That's all dead anyway now [referring to her sexy days. For honesty & truth I will clarify that this statement is factually incorrect. Jules is a fox. ]

Charlie, Marketing:

Huh, do I feel sexy literally at the time of consumption? [Charlie has very recently started on probiotics so I think its only fair that we leave some time and ask again in the future. However he did admit that at the time of consumption it doesn't make him feel particularly sexy. He can think of sexier things to do. I didn't ask him to elaborate.]

Steve, UK & Ireland Sales Rep:

I don't know! Why dont you let our customers decide? I'll send you a pic of me before I started working here so we can compare the two. [Steve likes to send me pictures of himself. Sometimes it's a bit awkard. But in the name of science, this time I oblige. Thoughts? Add your comments below!]

Left: Steve before he started working at OptiBac and merely dabbled with the occasional yoghurt drink, and Right: this afternoon in the office - after months on the good stuff.

Norman, Nationwide Sales Rep extraordinare:

I don't believe this. [He is referring to the fact I asked him that question, not necessarily to the sexy mice story.]

Jacob, Marketing & Customer Services:

I dont know! [Jacob looks at me like I've lost the plot. I ask what his girlfriend thinks - I don't think this helps his fast-dwindling opinion of me.] Oh, she always thinks I'm sexy. [Lucky man. Meg is awesome.]

Annie, Sales Star:

Oh sweetheart. No. When you get to my age.. [Annie finished this sentence with some personal information, a chuckle, and a big hug - she gives great hugs, I can tell you that much.]

Annie & her grandson Jacob (we're not just a family business in one way!) at James' wedding last weekend.

So there you have it. A pretty inconclusive piece of office-based anecdotal research. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to add your thoughts! Do you think probiotics make you feel, look, and/or appear sexier?

Disclaimer: We have absolutely no scientific research on whether or not probiotics can make people sexier. We do not mean to make or infer any claims about probiotics making people look or feel more sexy than without probiotics. When I refer to 'science' midway what I actually mean is nonsense. This piece was purely written for a lighthearted, more personal look at the people behind the OptiBac products. Find out more about the OptiBac Probiotics team and ethos here.


  • hmmm... i don't (currently) take probiotics and have unsexy days. but also sexy days. does that help?

    for what it's worth, i'd pick pre-probiotic steve, but i think that's got more to do with the boat and enigmatic smile...

  • Nice post! I really liked the Steve part. Maybe posting his poser pictures here will help him find the right girl. One who is obviously interested in probiotics as well.

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Haha Omar! This one wasn't supposed to be about Steve getting a date..

  • Of course I feel sexier now I have my bloating in check, what could be more unfeminine than a woman who can't stop farting.

  • @Anon - very good point! Similar for people with IBS - its hard to feel sexy when you're on a date and worried about eating certain foods and having to run to the loo...

  • mairead /terena here in new leaf kanturk just had steve great to meet him very helpfull. Probiotics working very well on him ha haa.Thanks for support

  • Response from OptiBac Probiotics

    Haha he'll be over the moon. Thanks M & T :)

  • I'd definitely pick Steve in the boat rather than in the office with the blank wall - but that's got nothing to do with the probiotics ;-)
    Being on top-form has got to be sexier than being uncomfortable or diseased, hasn't it?

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