Woohoo! We were featured in the Daily Mail today in an article focused on beating the bloat. Two nutritionists, Lovissa Nilsson and Shona Wilkinson shared their pro tips and eating plans on how to reduce bloating and achieve a flatter stomach.
Top tips:
To summarise just a few of their expert tips, they recommended eating five times a day rather than three so that your digestive system is given smaller and easier meals to digest. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day and chewing your food as much as possible, all with the aim of helping your digestion.

Dietary tips:
The nutritionists recommended incorporating easy to digest foods such as kale, egg whites, grapefruit and yoghurt, all of which also help speed up your metabolism.

Foods to avoid:
The nutritionists also said that the key to beating the bloat is just as much about what you should avoid eating too. They highlighted sugar, wheat, caffeine and alcohol as being particularly troublesome.

"By cutting these out, drinking more water and eating more lean proteins you'll also help balance your blood sugar levels, which means you'll have a steady amount of energy to help stop those cravings for unhealthy, fattening foods like crisps, sweets and chocolate."

Shona Wilkinson, in-house nutritionist at the NutriCentre, also recommend our 'One week flat' supplement as part of a longer-term method to a "flatter and slimmer tummy". Shona recommend our live cultures as part of a digestive support.

"Try a probiotic such as OptiBac 'One week flat' that may be especially helpful for those with bloating."

Thanks to Shona and the Daily Mail for the shout out. You can read the full article on the Mail Online website.

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  • Can I take this in conjunction with a daily probiotic?

  • Hi Bev,

    You can indeed take the ‘One week flat’ probiotic in conjunction with a daily probiotic, such as ‘For every day’ or ‘For daily immunity’. In fact, this is quite a popular combination. You can take them together on the same day and it’s absolutely safe to take them together on an ongoing basis too.


  • is it ok to take this product if you don't have a digestive problem but just want a flatter stomach; not so much bloated but more like a pot belly? Please advise. Thanks.

  • Hello S. Naso and thanks for your question.

    'One week flat' is a product that is designed to help relieve bloating symptoms caused by various types of digestive issues. It will not help to tone muscle or directly remove fat deposits in the stomach area, though there is mounting evidence to support the use of probiotics in weight loss programmes.
    Unexplained and ongoing bloating symptoms or swollen stomach should always be investigated by your doctor.

    Wishing you the best of health!


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