Yes! At OptiBac Probiotics we try to adhere to ethical standards as best as we can. We strive to strike a delicate balance between offering the best for your customers' health, and providing the ideal options for the environment.

Best for your health

The pots that we use for For every day and For daily immunity are specifically made for pharmaceutical and healthcare use, and they pass all of our quality standards; this includes having a very low Moisture Vapour Transmission Rate (MVTR). All of our pots are sealed, and our blister packs secure, ensuring no contamination of the products with foreign substances. Increasingly we use CSP vials which are made specifically with supplements in mind, providing the most stable storage solution for bacteria.

Best for the environment

All of the cartons, sachets and insert flyers that we use are recyclable. In terms of quantity of packaging, we make efforts to minimise the size & quantity, and to avoid unnecessary layers; demonstrating our continuing support for eco-friendly practices. The reason that OptiBac Probiotics' powdered products One week flat and For babies & children are in separate sachets for each day's use is that bacteria is very delicate by nature. We strongly believe that putting powders in a jar or bottle which is then opened numerous times is likely to diminish the viability of the bacteria, as it can be weakened or contaminated by water vapours & pollutants in the air.

Our ethical standards at OptiBac are not limited to the packaging of the products. To find our more, see Our Values.