We're extremely proud of our reviews and take them very seriously. Reading feedback from existing customers is probably the best way to get to know and trust our range, so that you can be confident when choosing us for your live cultures. But with the variety of sites on the internet, we wouldn't blame you for being sceptical when you see a lot of 5 star reviews.


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General Customer Reviews

You can read feedback on our range & service here. We collect the vast majority (about 98%) of these reviews via an external site called TrustPilot. The beauty of this is that we absolutely can't fake them!

We tell Trustpilot whenever we sell a product online, Trustpilot emails the customer direct to ask for feedback, the customer reviews our products on the TrustPilot site, and they are marked as a 'verified buyer' so that you know they are genuine, and nothing is biased. Take a look at these reviews to find out what people thought of our product range, website, and service.

The other 2% of reviews on these pages are left directly on our website by customers who have presumably bought the products elsewhere (after all, the vast majority of our customers buy at their local independent health food shop or pharmacy). Hand on heart, we never make up these directly-submitted reviews either. But if you don't trust us, just ignore those ones and read the others!

probiotic reviews

One (of many!) positive reviews collected on an external site.

Individual Product Reviews

Each of our products (browse the shop) has a number of reviews found at the bottom of the product page. It's currently not technically possible to use an external site to collect reviews for individual products. However, you can trust that we never make these up. We wouldn't dare, and more importantly, we don't think we need to!

We accept all reviews submitted on these pages, usually within a few days, unless they look like spam.* If you want further reassurance, consider the fact that the average star rating on these product pages tends to be very similar to the average star rating on our externally collected feedback. Not bad, right?

Where else can I find OptiBac reviews?

On the worldwide web! If you're still not convinced, why not take a dig around with your search engine to see what you can find written about our brand? A number of bloggers and practitioners have tried out various OptiBac, and reviewed or mentioned them on their websites. We won't point you to our favourites, we'll let you find some for yourselves. (Yes, we're that confident that you won't find anything bad!)

We feel so strongly about collecting unbiased reviews that we wrote a blogpost about reviews here. Take a look!

For more information, read about us, or our values.

* What would we call spam? "Hi, buy cheap handbags here!" sort of thing. Love a well-priced handbag, but there's a time and a place.