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This April 2016 marks National Bacterial Vaginosis Month. A campaign day launched by a company called Balance Activ, who manufacture a range of products for intimate health conditions such as bacterial vaginosis (BV). You’d be forgiven for not knowing about BV, as it sounds like a fairly rare condition right? Wrong. Surprisingly, bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common intimate health conditions which affects women. 1 in 3 women will have BV at some point during their lifetimes, but most people are completely unaware of the condition.

That’s why we’re right behind National Bacterial Vaginosis Month, this Saturday, and why we've created the infographic below, to help raise awareness of bacterial vaginosis, its causes and how you can recognise its symptoms. Please share, and help us to raise awareness of this little understood condition.

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  • Optibac women's probiotics have been my life saver when it comes to intimate area issues, nothing before them worked and I couldn't live without them now 😊

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    Hi Emma,

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  • This is awesome! Very interesting info, referenced, and displayed clearly. Not sure I'll ever look at tomatoes in the same way again.

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    Thank you Sian!

    You can rely on us to come up with little-known facts about 'feminine flora'!

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