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New study suggests a role for gut bacteria in mental health

Posted 15th Jun 2018

There has been a huge level of interest in the ‘Gut Brain Axis’ (read more over in the Probiotics Learning Lab) recently, and the way that our gut can send messages to our brain, and vice versa....

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Probiotics for Immunity – a Look at the Research

Posted 3rd Jan 2018

Immunity (see Probiotics Learning Lab for glossary terms) is a vital function of the human body for the maintenance of good health. One of the most startling revelations to emerge over the past...

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The surprising link between alopecia and the gut

Posted 9th Oct 2015

It has been suggested that probiotics could help in the treatment of alopecia areata. This theory was explored a couple of years ago by the Channel 4 TV programme ‘The Food Hospital’, in which a...

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Our response to recent study on probiotics

Posted 15th Sep 2014

Last week a study was released in the press, including in the Daily Mail, Telegraph and Times, claiming that probiotic drinks and supplements are 'unlikely to have any health benefits'. The stud...

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How many strains is ideal in a probiotic supplement?

Probiotic supplements containing more than one strain of bacteria are commonly referred to as 'multi-strain' supplements, or sometimes as 'poly-strain' or 'polybiotics'. Generally speaking...

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Could probiotics help with weight loss?

As a healthcare practitioner, you may already be aware that obesity levels have been rising exponentially for many years, causing both physical and emotional problems for those affected, whilst ...

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Can diabetics take probiotics?

No evidence exists to suggest that people with diabetes should not take probiotics. Diabetes is an auto-immune disease that compromises the body's production of insulin. Type one diabetes ...

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