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Probiotics for Immunity – a Look at the Research

Posted 11th Oct 2019

Immunity (see Probiotics Learning Lab) is a vital function of the human body for the maintenance of good health. Over the past few decades we've learned more about the role of the gut microflor...

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NHS recommends probiotics for mental health

Posted 3rd Jul 2019

It is always fascinating to observe the developing traction of probiotics, and how more and more people are beginning to recognise their potential restorative powers. That’s why it’s particularl...

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New Research: Probiotics vs Asthma

Posted 5th Feb 2019

There has been a sharp rise in asthma cases in children in the last 10 years, with the latest figures showing that one in eleven children in the UK are being diagnosed with asthma1. Sadly, appro...

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EU-funded project finds link between gut bacteria, obesity & mental health

Posted 3rd Jan 2019

These are exciting times in the field of probiotic research, with growing global interest in the potential of live cultures to support health. A project known as ‘MyNewGut’, which was funded by ...

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Is there a risk of addiction or dependency when taking probiotics?

There is no known risk of addiction or dependency when taking probiotics. It is safe to take probiotics on a long-term basis without causing dependency or addiction. Dependency refers to t...

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Can diabetics take probiotics?

No evidence exists to suggest that people with diabetes should not take probiotics. Diabetes is an auto-immune disease that compromises the body's production of insulin. Type one diabetes ...

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How many strains is ideal in a probiotic supplement?

Probiotic supplements containing more than one strain of bacteria are commonly referred to as 'multi-strain' supplements, or sometimes as 'poly-strain' or 'polybiotics'. Generally speaking, a multi...

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