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4.8 / 5

'For every day MAX' is a high quality, high quantity option containing 50 billion live cultures per daily dose - for the consumer looking for the best of the best.

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  • Since reaching the menopause I have been bombarded with horrible digestive problems, mainly gas, bloating and pain in my gut. It didn't matter what I ate, I would blow up like a balloon and have horrible gas for days. I started researching probiotics and saw these. I can honestly say that after a few days I can see and feel a dramatic difference in the way my body processes food and there has been no gas since I started taking these magical little tablets. I suggest taking two a day to begin with to get your gut back to good health, (morning and evening) and then go for one a day. Expensive but well worth the money!

  • I recommended your For Every Day Max 6 months ago to one of my clients who has Crohn's disease. He finds that by taking these probiotics regularly, he is able to keep his symptoms under control and live a normal life with minimal pain and discomfort.

  • Would tread very carefully with these. They induced dizziness and heart palpitations. But the extra strength is fine. Not for everyone. They are a very high dose.

  • I received wonderful training from Gaz on the whole Optibac range and shortly after, I recommended my boyfriend try everyday MAX as he has suffered with GORD for years. He has had such incredible results so far - after only a few days of using this product, he was able to stop using his omeprazole and has had no reflux or bloating. I am super impressed with the whole Optibac range and thankful to Gaz - spread the word!

  • I completely over-indulged during the festive period and started feeling super sluggish and bloated, so I switched up from my regular For Every Day to For Every Day Max and it was just the boost I needed! Felt so much better and set me up to start the New Year on top form. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Fortunately I don't suffer any digestion issues and it is really rare for me to take probiotics. However, I have experienced some kind of constipation when I go out and drink more alcohol than I should. I believe my gut flora is easily disrupted with alcohol and that is why my regularity can be affected. I have used Optibac Max as prevention and it really works for me. I believe 50 billion of good bacteria in just one capsule is more than enough for my digestion system to minimise toxicity of alcohol, repair lining of the gut and at the same time support detoxification of the body. I don't take it every day, but if I plan a "naughty" weekend I start taking Optibac Max on Wednesday until the following one. I highly recommend Optibac Max for all kind of situations. It really makes you feel the difference.

  • Helps to regulate bowel movements when taken at night. 100% guaranteed toilet visit in the morning.

  • I love this product! I've been using different probiotics for a long time now, but never felt the benefits as much as taking the Optibac Max. It helps maintain regularity and reduce bloating when I eat something that I'm a bit sensitive to. This is my number one recommendation for my customers.

  • I can't recommend this product enough! I have been having IBS symptoms such as loose watery stool for many years, guess what, after trying For every day MAX for just 10 days, I have already seen a huge difference! Will definitely come back for more!

  • I was recommended to take this product by a rep. After the first week of taking it, I felt less tired and less sluggish. Even while eating a diet of proteins for weight management training, this product helps to support my gut and I felt less discomfort and bloating.

    I have been recommending this product to my clients and members of my gym.