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4.9 / 5

A high quality live cultures supplement with FOS, containing six different strains, for your daily use.

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  • Excellent product, tried some other probiotics before finding this and the difference is clear.

  • Since taking OptiBac For every day, it has changed my life. I've read a lot about the importance of gut health and am so relieved I've finally found a natural product which genuinely makes a positive difference.

  • Brilliant. Settled my digestive system, a good result. Will continue to use.

  • Worked really well, thank you

  • I like it. It helps in many situations.

  • It definitely feels as though it starts working almost immediately. I feel shifts in my tummy.

  • Good stuff. Compliment the probiotics with a high fibre diet and prebiotics, such as garlic and onions (increase your intake of these in your cooking). This will help you get the most out of this good bacteria. The good bacteria needs the right foods in the gut. Decrease your sugar intake and junk food and increase your whole foods! This will boost your immune system!

  • I gave it a score of 5 on the previous 2-a-day capsules. These were much better for me and please can you bring these back. Much better, and the 2-a-day formula suited me perfectly. I don't like the 1-a-day at all, even though I believe all the information given.

  • I've been taking this product for three years now and it has been a revelation and have recommended it to many friends who are now converts. It really has transformed my life. Sadly since the formula changed to one a day. Please bring back the choice of the old formula.

    Ingleby Barwick
  • I am extremely grateful to Optibac for the 'For every day' product which I have been taking for the last ten months.