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'For every day' contains 6 different strains from OptiBac, such as acidophilus R-52, offering you a holistic, daily supplement of live cultures.

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  • Have suffered for 46 years from IBS - either constipation or loose bowels, and terrible discomfort and anguish when travelling abroad, either in Europe or Canada, Asia etc After taking one capsule Every day Optibac for less than 2 months, say 6-7 weeks , IBS has diminished in its intensity and almost disappeared. I combine Optibac with Buttermilk, Kefir, Apple Cider Vinegar, Live plain Yogurt on a daily basis and I am amazed and truly grateful for Optibac Probiotics

    Chichester, West Sussex
  • I had struggled with an irritated bowel for years, and always had to be aware of this when going out and about. I've been taking this product for about a year now - it took a couple of months to notice a difference, but I can honestly say that it's calmed my symptoms right down and given me my life back.
    I'd taken probiotics before with no effect, but this brand was recommended to me by my hospital consultant, as a few of his other patients had reported similar benefits.

  • I take this for mood and anxiety and have noticed a significant improvement in symptoms. I took a different brand with similar strains and had a strong histamine reaction to it. Somehow these don't produce that like a lot of probiotics do. Don't change these, ever!

    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • I've had IBS for ten years, recently diagnosed. After taking these Probiotics, my symptoms have improved MASSIVELY (very bad pain and bloating) they're amazing. I would recommend them to anyone with digestive issues. They have changed my life.

  • Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS. However, after going abroad in June 2016 with some friends and having a terrible time with IBS, our friend who was taking OptiBac recommended I try Optibac Every Day and Immunity. I started in September 2016 and I haven't looked back and have never felt better. IBS appears to be a thing of the past and I do wish doctors would take probiotics seriously even if they trialled them with their patients as I am sure there would be a high percentage of success and a lower cost to the NHS

  • I've been using a wide range of different probiotics to maintain healthy gut health and I must say, these are some of my favourites!

    I will definitely recommend them to my clients!

    Health coach

  • These OptiBac probiotics 'For women' are excellent. I was diagnosed with Group B Strep at the end of November - after trying several antibiotics I finally found this product on the internet and I must say after taking these for a month, I am finally back to normal. Will continue to take one a day and will also be trying your 'For every day' probiotic alongside. I can't thank you enough.

    Kings Lynn
  • I had to write a review. My 21 year old student daughter was diagnosed with ibs several years ago and suffers from numerous, life threatening food allergies. During the last year or so she has suffered from generalised anxiety and insomnia in addition to bloating, nausea and cramps and severe aecma . She was up to a few weeks ago on the verge of leaving university and going back next year as she was completely exhausted and had got to the point where she only felt awake for an hour a day. The GP prescribed Prozac which she didn't want to take. She was desperate, saw an acupuncturist who said he had rarely seen such low energy levels. We were at a loss, but a chance conversation led her to a nutritionist who suspected candida overgrowth, I looked it up and virtually nothing on the NHS website so was sceptical but we would try anything. Some tests were sent off to America but whilst we waited for the results I investigated different probiotics and actibac came out top, ordered some and she started taking g them pending the results, along with numerous vitamins. Let me tell you, day by day, little by little, she has come back to life and we are getting our daughter back. It is miraculous. All ibs symptoms have gone, her constant headaches started reducing and , two weeks later, have gone. The life is back in her eyes and she is feeling less anxious. She's a worrier so we don't expect she will never be anxious again, but we seem to have turned a corner. I can't explain what a difference the optibac daily has made. I take them now and the gluten linked bloating has gone, my symptoms were nothing like as severe but my stomach just feels healthier. I praise this product to anyone who will listen! Thanks optibac!

  • Excellent product, prompt delivery. Helpful to keep in good health, especially as we are over 70 yrs.

  • I have had IBS for well over 21 years, and various treatments from doctors didn't stop the attacks. I was told to try OptiBac Probiotics by the health shop in Morpeth, Northumberland. With a 'try anything once' attitude, I did try them and have had quite amazing results.
    I can honestly say that they have really helped tremendously - I just take two after breakfast. So now after 3 months, they are the only capsules I take for IBS, and added bonus - my tummy is much flatter!
    So, hand on heart, your OptiBac Probiotics are so much better than others, and for me they help manage a rather unpleasant IBS.
    Thank you.