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'For every day' contains 6 different strains from OptiBac, such as acidophilus R-52, offering you a holistic, daily supplement of live cultures.

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  • I've been taking this product for three years now and it has been a revelation after years of debilitating weekly severe stomach pains and have recommended it to many friends who are now converts. It really has transformed my life where for over two years ALL pain left me. Sadly since the formula changed to one a day the stomach pains have returned on a four weekly basis. Please bring back the choice of the old formula. I'm horrified to think I have to return to the agonies of the past.

    Ingleby Barwick
  • An end to unexplained illness
    I am extremely grateful to Optibac for the 'For every day' product which I have been taking for the last ten months. It was effective within two weeks and has totally overcome a wide range of symptoms that the NHS seemed unable to diagnose and relieve. Many of these were minor ailments that were unexplained but occurred sporadically and were debilitating. I suspect that many people have health issues with a similar root cause that might well be relieved by taking Optibac.
    I need to explain. I’ve experienced about forty different symptoms, some of which were severe and even life-threatening; others were things like irritable bowels, hay-fever type symptoms, muscle pains, headaches, mood swings, tiredness, confusion, temperature extremes, fainting…
    In 2013, I had an anaphylactic shock reaction to a rich meal including crab. I was not satisfied with the diagnosis that I had become ‘allergic to crab’, and nor on previously occasions was I comfortable with explanations for urticaria and a UTI. So my wife and I did a lot of browsing, including technical reports, and concluded that I was suffering from histamine intolerance (HIT). That suggested more minor ailments could also be food related. Indeed I had more and more frequent and scary reactions to food so that I could no longer enjoy social gatherings or restaurant meals.
    The problem is that a very wide range of foods are implicated. Fish, cheese, alcohol, ham, sausages, processed foods, certain fruit and vegetables can all impact histamine levels (google SIGHI).
    Eventually, I determined it must be due to bacteria in the intestines and was probably triggered by two courses of antibiotics that had been prescribed in 2010 and 2012. Therefore I sought an effective probiotic and was heartened to find histamine intolerance mentioned in Optibac’s FAQs. It seems HIT is barely acknowledged in this country and NHS advice on food allergy and intolerance seems both contradictory and misleading.
    Of course, this is my own opinion and I am not a healthcare professional. However, I am now able to eat and drink normally and have not experienced any of these symptoms in the last six months. So thank you again Optibac for recognising the syndrome and providing a cure.

  • I got introduced to Optibac via Christina, a good friend of mine, who is a know-it-all when it comes to your gut! I had been taking antibiotics for a long time and no one had warned me about its effects on my gut health! Well sadly, not even my GA! However, this all changed after Christina told me all about the power of probiotics in healing the bad effects that the antibiotics have left behind and was considerate enough to get me my first Optibac bottle...the rest is history and I've been using - and recommending - Optibac products ever since because, whether your take antibiotics or not - as a woman, apparently probiotics are good for you anyway! <3

  • I have tried many probiotics over the years for my IBS and candida, but had little success until I found these.They worked brilliantly, and for the first time in a long time I felt really well! My daughter has also had some really good results on your probiotic for children. Sadly though I've started to have problems again. I then realised that the production has changed and now contains traces of dairy, which may not be a problem for some people but it definitely is for me. I have tried the extra strength version but find I need a smaller dosage, so I am now trying the Bifidobacteria & Fibre, which is working well. I would love it if you could please change the Every Day back to the old formula though as I had such great results.

  • Have suffered for 46 years from IBS - either constipation or loose bowels, and terrible discomfort and anguish when travelling abroad, either in Europe or Canada, Asia etc After taking one capsule Every day Optibac for less than 2 months, say 6-7 weeks , IBS has diminished in its intensity and almost disappeared. I combine Optibac with Buttermilk, Kefir, Apple Cider Vinegar, Live plain Yogurt on a daily basis and I am amazed and truly grateful for Optibac Probiotics

    Chichester, West Sussex
  • I had struggled with an irritated bowel for years, and always had to be aware of this when going out and about. I've been taking this product for about a year now - it took a couple of months to notice a difference, but I can honestly say that it's calmed my symptoms right down and given me my life back.
    I'd taken probiotics before with no effect, but this brand was recommended to me by my hospital consultant, as a few of his other patients had reported similar benefits.

  • I take this for mood and anxiety and have noticed a significant improvement in symptoms. I took a different brand with similar strains and had a strong histamine reaction to it. Somehow these don't produce that like a lot of probiotics do. Don't change these, ever!

    Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • I've had IBS for ten years, recently diagnosed. After taking these Probiotics, my symptoms have improved MASSIVELY (very bad pain and bloating) they're amazing. I would recommend them to anyone with digestive issues. They have changed my life.

  • Over 15 years ago I was diagnosed with IBS. However, after going abroad in June 2016 with some friends and having a terrible time with IBS, our friend who was taking OptiBac recommended I try Optibac Every Day and Immunity. I started in September 2016 and I haven't looked back and have never felt better. IBS appears to be a thing of the past and I do wish doctors would take probiotics seriously even if they trialled them with their patients as I am sure there would be a high percentage of success and a lower cost to the NHS

  • I've been using a wide range of different probiotics to maintain healthy gut health and I must say, these are some of my favourites!

    I will definitely recommend them to my clients!

    Health coach